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Mayor of Survey

Bonita Springs Historical Society's 4th of July Parade Fundraising effort

Help us, preserve, protect, and promote our local heritage! Support our Mayor of Survey fundraising effort today!

What is the Mayor of Survey fundraising efforts? 


The Mayor of Survey is a fundraising event held every two years to support the Bonita Springs Historical Society. We invite candidates to gather 'votes' or donations from the community to help them become the elected Mayor of Survey. The individual or company that contributes the highest donation amount will be chosen as the new Mayor and serve a two-year term. The winner, along with their company or organization logo, will be prominently featured in our 4th of July Day Parade and on our website. All donation contributors will be also showcased on our 'Mayor of Survey 2023' webpage.

The deadline to submit your logo is June 30th. 


Previous Mayor’s include:
Jack Flaherty,Terry Lawhon, Bill Simons, Ken Shivel, Ronda Lawhon, Jane Hogg, 
Bill Cooper, Charlie Lewis, Bear Tsani Yonah , Ralph Richardson, Chuck Temple, and the current Mayor of Bonita Springs: Rick Steinmeyer

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Get started

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Thank you for your donation!

To get started, simply fill out this form with your contact information, then click the Donate button to proceed with your donation

Should you prefer to donate in cash or check, simply download our PDF form and give us a call (239) 992-6997. A Bonita Springs Historical Society representative will meet with you to collect your donation. 

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