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Donating to our historical society is not only a noble act of preserving our rich cultural heritage, but it also ensures that future generations can learn from the past and continue to appreciate the importance of our shared history.

We are able to continue to preserve, protect, and promote our local history thanks to your generous donations. Thank you for preserving our history for generations to enjoy

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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Thank you so much for your generous donation to our historical society; your support helps us to preserve and promote the rich history of our beautiful community for generations to come.

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Historical Artifacts

There is still a lot to discover and understand about the history of our community. Donated artifacts, photographs, letters, publications, and stories help fill in the gaps. Please keep us in mind when "spring cleaning", or moving. We would like to see Bonita artifacts stay in Bonita Springs. 

*Image shown: The Shell Factory Sales Catalog found and donated by

Trish Leonard and Gary Price.

Help preserve & promote our rich local history by sharing your relics

from the past. 

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